D.O.T/CDL Physical

DOT certificate is good for up to 24 months.

Renew your DOT/CDL certificate today.

Call 718-888-0722 for same day appointment for your DOT/CDL physical with National Registry Certified Medical Examiner Dr. Ziqiang Zhu (National Registry # 3461311828).

The exam results will be electronically submitted to FMCSA on the same day.

When you come in:
–Avoid coffee or energy drinks the day of your exam as it increases blood pressure.
–If you wear glasses or a hearing aid to drive, please bring them with you;
–A urine collection is required so avoid urination immediately before your appointment;
–If you have any health conditions, bring the name/contact information for the doctor who treats you for each condition;
–Bring a complete medication list;
–Bring your current license and medical card;
–Fill out Form MCSA-5875 ahead of time to speed up your exam